Warranty Report Form

Please find on this page all the information relating to Warranty claims and how to action such a claim.

If you have a problem with your Sur-Ron please contact your supplying dealer

If you purchased your bike from us directly: 

Simply download the form below, fill it out and then email it to support@urbanmoto.co.uk where it will be worked through for you.

Download here


Warranty Registration

When a bike is sold, a Warranty Registration Form MUST be filled out as soon as possible. This gives us all the relevant information needed to support and legitimise any future warranty claims where applicable. The Warranty Registration Form can be found at the link below, which also includes information about warranty terms and guidelines:


Making a claim

If a warranty claim is needed, you MUST complete a Warranty Claim Form. This needs to be completed with as much details as possible and sent to support@urbanmoto.co.uk It is vital that these forms are completed with comprehensive details of any damage or failed parts and the specific details related to the fault. The Warranty Claim form can be found at the following link or through the Sur-Ron Drop Box:


Supporting a claim

Any warranty claims that are sent in need to be supported with images and if possible, videos of a fault. Simply stating a bike needs a replacement part does NOT qualify for a warranty claim. You should be sending an email with a warranty claim form, images/videos of the fault and, if it has not been discussed over the phone, a brief description of the fault in the email. The better the warranty claim forms are filled out and supported with images/videos the quicker I can decide on claim outcomes and provide the parts and support you need to get customers back on their bikes.