A new generation of performance


A new generation of performance


A new generation of performance

explore new lands.

WELCOME TO THE Latest generation of Electric Performance BIKES.


outstanding power to weight ratio

The Sur-Ron’s torquey mid drive motor and high power to weight ratio effortlessly accelerates riders to speeds of up to 45 – 50 Mph (80kmh) leaving most of the competitors in its dust.


More Power. More Torque. Bigger Hills.

Sine-Wave X controllers are digitally controlled and programmed to provide a smooth, predictable power curve across the entire operating range.


Built for Punishment.

Intersect TR rear suspension link – Independently patented to provide progressive compression. Advanced traction combined with the serious suspension travel of a fully adjustable DNM or KKE* shock Absorber.

*dependant on availability at production.


More Range, More Miles & More Ride Time.

Advanced architecture for high ratio load capacity, improved life span, in built safety and reliability.


Due to the popularity of the Sur-Ron, there are now a wide range of accessories and custom parts available. Many components (Bars, Stems, Brakes and Suspension) are interchangeable with most high-end Downhill MTB Products to provide a massive range of performance and cosmetic upgrades to customise your machine. Check out our custom Decals, Supermoto Wheel Kits, Component and Suspension upgrades. We also supply KO Technologies tune up parts


Main suspension components are compatible with leading Downhill MTB products such as Fox, Manitou Dorado, DVO etc

Aftermarket DECALS

Wide range of aftermarket decal kits


Wide range of Pro accessories including bars, foot rests, motor protection, seat raisers & other high quality CNC components


"The Sur-Ron really surprised me the moment I first tried one, they are so much fun to ride, handle incredibly well and I have a massive smile on my face every time I ride one. Thinking about it, everyone that’s tried mine has loved them too and had a massive smile on there faces"

David Knight MBE 4 - times World Enduro Champion, 4 - Times AMA Champion, ISDE Overall Winner

"The torque is unbelievable, well built and strong, feels like you on a proper machine. Quiet, smooth, fast power, knighter can’t break it"

Steve Ireland - WOR events and enduro industry guru

"Out of the box we were very surprised by the build quality and the attention to detail. The bike has more power than any e-bike of this price range. The quality and performance surpasses by far anything we’ve seen from any competitors worldwide."

Marc Guasch - 8X Dakar Rally finisher, multiple Spanish and European Off-Road title

"Can I have a Red Bull edition asap please"

FOX Gravity Team 3 times UCI DH World Champion & Red Bull Loric Bruni, played with the Sur-ron on a short MX track and Mountain climb

Owner Feedback

"didn't think it was possible to love this thing anymore than I did, but the dorados and 58t has made this thing incredible”

R Holmes UK

"I have more fun on this bike than my mx bikes, just so easy to ride and do things on I'm not so comfortable doing on my big bikes"

C Haertel

"I can’t believe it just over a hour good mix of flat out technical and mega steep short climbs this thing is better than I thought."

J Sanders UK

"Took the Sur-ron on a fire trail north of Thredbo NSW Australia out past Cascade Hut. 3 hours 40km 1200m vertical and still 25% left in tank"

G Paisley OZ

"I’m 6’2 and 170lbs, bikes set up well enough that I can send it down some mountain bike tracks, I like how short it is because I can really throw my weight over the other side of the seat if I’m coming up short on a corner and about to hug a tree. I kick the crap out of my friends 250s on trail because of weight and torque"

E Ward Washington

"First ride on my own sur ron, she definitely climbs! I'm impressed at the torque even with the stock 42t. Still getting used to the balance of such a small light bike"

A Gillett Cairns