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About Sur-Ron Bikes

We are one of the UKs largest and longest established dealers of Sur-Ron Electric Motorcycles within the UK, offering full support for sales, service, parts and accessories. We always recommend you buy from a local official Sur-Ron agent for comprehensive support and genuine parts. Sur-Ron was founded in 2014 by three motorcycle and hi-tech enthusiasts. With a 30 Million USD of investment and a team of 40 engineers the Hi-Power E-Dirt Bike has come to life. This group of industry leading specialists combines the best in system engineering, developing the intelligent systems and implementing cutting-edge technology, and vehicle design, product development and manufacturing. Today Sur-Ron employs more than 100 employees developing and manufacturing the highest quality E-Bikes in the business. Already achieving an internationally coveted Red Dot design award, this is the start of a range of ground-breaking performance products.


Sur-Ron Electric Bikes offer a wide range of solutions for Security, Military Reconnaissance and other applications in environments where rapid deployment is required. Electric Motorcycles offer a combination of stealth, speed, and endurance. They are perfect for agricultural uses also, We can also offer custom and fully road registered machines. With dual purpose tyres they offer an almost go anywhere capability in the urban or countryside environment with zero exhaust emissions.

With a low seat height, light weight and easy handling the Sur-Ron X Series is also the perfect machine for entry level to intermediate riders under taking off road tuition or for customers to hire round a track, offering controlled adrenalin fun without the associated noise of petrol powered motorsports. We have a number of locations now running a fleet of off road Sur-Ron machines catering for corporate hospitality to off road training and advanced rider skills.

‘The Sur-Ron Experience’ - Some locations also utilise the Sur-Ron (road legal and off road) machines for exploration tours and tourist expeditions. With low maintenance, incredibly low running costs they can be an ecological low footprint way to tour islands and commute in holiday complexes worldwide.   

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