Police, Emergency Services & Fleets

Sur-Ron Electric Bikes offer a huge range of advantages for many corporate uses. Weighing just 47kg, they are the lightest moped on the market. With no clutch, no gears and a low seat, they are easy to handle as well as being low maintenance & economical.

Their off-road ability gives them an advantage over other basic road based machines, making them the perfect vehicle for professional uses.

With zero emissions, the eco-friendly Sur-Ron electric bikes are ideal for indoor and outdoor uses. Compared with petrol bikes, they have low lifetime running costs, as you can see below.

The Electrical Advantage: An Incredibly Efficient System

The diagram below displays the saving of owning a Sur-Ron bike.  

Police & Security

The Sur-Ron LB X Dirt Bike is the perfect vehicle to be utilised for police use. It’s abundant torque paired with the 47kg weight make this a responsive vehicle which is easy to use in crowded areas. The bike delivers confidence and control on narrow city streets as well as open spaces. Filtering through traffic and narrow areas is made simple on the Sur-Ron. Check out some of the advantages below:

  • City patrolling: pedestrian areas, narrow city streets, emergency calls
  • Stealth patrolling: burglary, security, campus areas, drug enforcement, other situations where silence & being lightweight is an advantage
  • Patrolling restricted areas where traditional petrol powered machines are prohibited, for example Marinas 
  • Investigating/patrolling public areas: parks, beaches, dirt tracks & paths
  • Crowd control & safety for events: concerts, sport events, parades

With the ability to be used both on road and off road, these electric bikes offer unique advantages over other vehicles that are driven through fossil fuels. The LB X is almost completely silent, has zero emissions, produces minimal heat, is highly manoeuvrable and has minimal running costs. Because of this, Sur-Ron provides you with the ability to save money whilst also giving you an advantage over many other similar vehicles.

Sur-Ron offers police and security bikes with customisable options to meet the needs of a wide variety of uses. The options we have available include:

  • Rear Carrier with top box & pannier options
  • Heavy Duty Footrests & Chassis Guards
  • Various Tyre Options
  • Enhanced lighting kits
  • Hand guards
  • Additional batteries 

Electric Patrolling

Without noise, gears or a clutch, officers can place their entire focus on patrolling. They are able to perform essential technical manoeuvres where agility is essential.


  • Accelerate instantly in silence
  • Extremely lightweight for ease of manoeuvrability
  • Ride without needing to change gears
  • Silently move amongst crowds
  • Pursue subjects stealthily without engine noise
  • Ride indoors or in confined/narrow areas
  • Socially responsible vehicle use at any time
  • Optional rack & load carrying capability 
  • USB power socket comes standard on all Sur-Rons, ideal for video equipment, mobile phones or GPS equipment
  • Capable in all weathers - IP65 waterproof
  • LED Lighting provides exceptional night time visibility with low electrical consumption


  • Reduces noise and exhaust disturbances
  • Recharge anywhere with a normal domestic 3 pin plug
  • Eliminates petrol/oil spills
  • Decreases burn and fire risks
  • Promotes green technology - positive for the environment


Electric motorcycles are extremely well suited for military applications. Sur-Ron bikes are quiet, have low heat profiles, emit no exhaust emissions, are very fast and are simple to manoeuvre & operate. They have already been tested and approved by a number of forces. Advantages of using Sur-Ron electric bikes for military applications:

  • Move rapidly over various types of terrain while making almost no noise and emitting no smell
  • Completely silent when not in use and can accelerate extremely quickly
  • No fossil fuels being used, only a charger for the battery

Sur-Ron is able to deliver electric bikes that are configured specifically for military use - available upon request.

Image below shows a surron electric bike used by the US Army in hi and low altitude air drop testing 


We can also supply Gen 2 Electric motorcycles without Primary drive chains 

Talaria Sting MX www.talariabike.co.uk 


talaria sting MX electric Bike



Primary Roles:



back up communications

drone deployment

Fast reaction

Perimeter patrolling  

Air Portable


Driving Schools

Electric bikes are perfect to use for CBT training centres. Compared to petrol powered bikes, they are much easier for learners to practice on, due to being lightweight and having a low seat, making them easy to manoeuvre for new riders. They can also be used indoors due to emitting no gas emissions. The fast charging time of 2.5 hours, and the zero road tax cost combined with incredibly low maintenance costs makes them the perfect machine to lower your operational fleet costs.

Tour & Rental Hire

Another excellent use for Sur-Ron bikes is for hire & tours for use during guided tours and expeditions. The bikes can be rented out to tourists to use in holiday destinations. The lightweight and easy manoeuvrability makes them perfect to be used by a wide range of ages.

The ability to switch between sport mode and tour mode allows the user to travel over varied terrain with a range of up to 60 miles. 


Sur-Ron provides a good solution for farming & hunting as they are highly durable & reliable. Farmers & land owners amongst others, can utilise these bikes for a manner of various roles.

Low noise & zero exhaust emissions means that they can be safely operated near animals and livestock. The Sur-Ron's optional rack and low pressure ‘footprint’, causes minimal marking to the land being operated on.

First Responders

Already identified as an ideal mountain rescue & fire support vehicle, the Sur-Ron offers versatility for professional user applications. Offers a speedy low cost response vehicle, capable of on road and extreme off road performance. 

Where access is limited or equipment is needed quickly - such as mountain rescue calls - a Sur-Ron motorcycle can be an invaluable tool. The video here demonstrates Sur-Ron electric bikes being used to carry water in Mongolia to fight forest and moor fires. Through using the electric bikes, they are able to reach the scene quicker than other modes of transport and are able to ride on various types of terrain.