Upgraded Drive Belt - Available Now!


New Product – Gates GT4 ‘Powergrip’ Drive Belt

This is a direct-fit upgrade for the primary drive belt. Utilising the latest 'Power Grip GT4' technology from Gates, this belt is a custom specification for Surron primary drive pulleys. The 17mm width ensures the belt fits perfectly in the drive pulleys and utilises as much surface area as possible to transfer power.

With no need for lubrication, virtually no maintenance, making less noise and vibration than chain drive and a higher power capacity belt than standard to transfer efficient motor torque when needed, the upgraded belt is the perfect middle ground between the standard belt and the chain drive conversion.

Please note: Drive belts must be correctly tensioned when fitting to prevent lack of drive and damage to the belt itself. You can use the links below to order an upgraded belt, the axle removal tool needed, as well as some tips for looking after your new belt and a video showing how to fit your new Gates GT4 belt.

Upgraded Primary Drive Belt

Axle Removal Tool

Primary Drive Maintenance

Replacing the Primary Drive Belt




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