Update Regarding Illegal Imports

How do you know your supplier is official?

You can use the dealer link below to access all of our official UK dealer network. Simply search on the map for your nearest dealer, or the name of the dealer that you bought your bike from. If the shop or person you purchased your Sur-Ron from isn’t on the list, it may be an illegal import.


How do I know the bike I’m buying is an official import?

All of the officially imported Sur-Ron bikes come through the approved dealer network shown above. These dealers only sell official imported bikes that are brought over to the UK through the Surron official distribution system.

How can I check if my bike is an official import?

The best way to ensure you have an official import, even if the bike has been bought second hand, is to make a note of the bike's frame number (VIN). This is located on the bike’s frame, on the right hand side of the headstock, behind the right hand suspension shock. Once you have this number: 

LBX Models - 2299***********

L1E Models - L6XRYM***********

Email your VIN number to info@sur-ronbikes.com and the source of your bike can be checked to ensure you have a legally imported bike.

How can I tell a bike is an illegal import?

There are two giveaways of an illegally imported bike. Firstly, your Sur-Ron will give out an audible ‘beeping’ when travelling over 15kph and will be speed restricted. Secondly, illegal Chinese imports come with the Sur-Ron kit already fitted, as pictured below. If you bike has either or both of these, please get in touch as soon as possible to let us know.


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