Sur-Ron Factory Warning

Over the past few months, there has been a surge of interest in Sur-Ron electric bikes which has resulted in them becoming the best-selling road-registered electric moped this year to date according to the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA). This, however, has coincided with the on-going Covid-19 epidemic meaning global transport routes, particularly in China where the bikes are manufactured, have rightly been prioritised for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

As a result, there have been some delays in getting Sur-Ron bikes to the United Kingdom and to official dealers across the country meaning a small number of consumers have tried to purchase the bikes directly from China. For those attempting this, several unforeseen consequences can occur. First and foremost, bikes not bought through official dealers are unlikely to be CE Approved for Europe meaning customs officials would have the right to confiscate them immediately. Secondly, buying from alternatives means genuine warranty support will not be available if something goes wrong with your bike or any of its features. Thirdly and finally, alongside the cost being charged by alternative sellers, there is also the prospect of being charged hidden import duties or fees when the bike arrives in Europe and/or the UK.

To avoid such problems, we would strongly recommend only buying Sur-Ron bikes from official dealers which are located right across the country – you can find your closest dealer by clicking the link here. Whilst the demand for the electric-powered bikes remains high, the very good news is that, with the situation in China improving, different shipments from the Sur-Ron factory are underway and they’re expected over the coming months starting from June.  

 Stay Safe & Roll on summer without isolation! 


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