Sur-Ron: Testimonial from MCF Director

In July, Sur-Ron appeared at the Goodwood Festival of Speed - one of the world’s greatest motorsports events - with over 250,000 visitors & more than £100 million worth of vehicles on display. 

Urban Moto Distribution - the UK importer for Sur-Ron - teamed up with the MCF (MC Federation) and GAS (Goodwood Action Sports) to display and demonstrate the new breed of Electric Dirt Bikes.

Over the four day show, over 455 people took a ride on a Sur-Ron - including some fast boys from the Ducati MotoGP team. 

Roy Barton, the MCF Director, commented “This was our first time working with the Sur-Ron bikes and they worked perfectly for the GAS off-road experience area. The battery life on the bikes was exceptionally good and it was quick and easy to switch over a battery. We ran the bikes from 8:30am until 7:00pm each of the four days with just one battery change each day per bike. We will definitely be using Sur-Ron in the future.”

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