Primary Drive Belt Maintenance

Both the Sur-ron LBX and L1E models use a belt for the primary drive, these belts are fit for purpose but are not as strong as a typical drive chain. It is important that these belts are kept in good condition to prevent excess wear and breakages. Under normal use your belt should be checked at least every 3 months.

To check the condition of the belt, remove it from drive pulleys so it can be checked fully and under light. Any small stones or foreign objects need to be carefully removed from the ridges of the belt before refitting. As shown below, the objects stuck in the belt can be very small, but it is still important to make sure these are removed as they can cause damage and eventually cause the drive belt to snap.


If you are going to be using your Sur-ron off road and on hard wearing surfaces, such as sand and loose mud, the Primary Drive Chain Conversion is a purpose built upgrade to the primary drive to ensure a reliable, low maintenance conversion that will always deliver drive under any surface. You can find the primary drive conversions on, in the part & accessories section, listed in Primary Transmission. As these conversions use a standard motorcycle 420 chain, we also supply several D.I.D versions as well as our factory chain.

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