Number 1 essential upgrade for your surron LBX or L1E - Heavy Duty Motor Guard Just £39.95 on offer!

The standard Surron motor guard is notoriously weak and flimsy and will crumble when you ground out the bike or hit that first rock or log as the ground clearance on the LBX set up is not the best. To protect your expensive motor the number one essential upgrade for any stock sur-ron is a heavy duty motor guard. 

The Urban Pro heavy duty guard is 50% thicker than the flimsy standard guard, made from 3mm high quality 5053 anodised aluminium alloy, with superior robotic welds and durable finish.   

Wider than stock it offers more side and length protection from hazards you my encounter on the trail. Vent holes ensure your motor is kept cool under load. 

Available in black or silver with the Urban Pro logo, the motor guard is now on special offer at just £39.95 plus post.    

Its a simple and direct fitment on all 2018 to 2024 Surron LBX or Road Legal light Bee electric motorcycles 

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