Motorcycle Monthly: LB X Road Legal Review

Sur-Ron LB X Series Road Legal Electric Motorcycle has been reviewed in June 2019's Motorcycle Monthly Magazine - read the article text below, or view the PDF version here.


Sur-Ron Light Bee

An unconventional hybrid between a lightweight electric motocross bike and a downhill mountain bike, Sur-Ron’s Light Bee is a seriously cool bit of kit
WORDS: Ross Mowbray PHOTOGRAPHY: Gary Chapman

Having ridden the off-road version of Sur-Ron’s Light Bee recently, I was keen to get the chance to have a blast on the road legal model. Restricted to make it eligible for moped licencing laws, I wasn’t sure what to expect after thoroughly enjoying tearing around off-road on the unrestricted version. But I needn’t have worried, as the road legal Sur-Ron impressed me from the first twist of the throttle.

Power pick-up from the bike’s belt- driven motor is exceptional, allowing the rider to get up to its 30mph top speed in a flash. It’s by no means rapid, but there’s more than enough oomph to have a hell of a good time on the trails, and whizz around town with no trouble.

Its mountain bike-style brakes are well up to the job, too. Direct and aggressive, with plenty of bite, but enough feel to ensure you won’t lock the wheels without serious intent.

For more competent riders, the fact that Light Bee’s brakes de-activate the throttle is a bit of a shame, as it means you can’t feather the brakes when encountering some tricky terrain or a steep downhill section. But don’t worry, it’s simple enough to change. Simply remove a cable from each brake lever and away you go.

The suspension is very capable, munching bumps and lumps with ease. It’s a little on the soft side as standard, but with full adjustment at the rear and preload and compression adjustment up front, you can dial it in to find the perfect setting for whatever you’re up to. Interestingly, the existing units can be switched for some high-end downhill mountain bike kit, if you fancy getting a little more serious in the dirt.

Fitted with a removable Panasonic battery pack (and a fast charge system), it’s claimed the bike will return up to 60 miles if you take it easy in ECO mode. For charging, the Bee Light comes with a state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery charger, which works to return the battery from the dead within three hours using a normal domestic power point. To keep an eye on your charge, the Bee Light comes fitted with an LCD gauge, and there’s a small LCD speedo fitted as standard, too. It also comes with surprisingly powerful front and rear LED lights, in addition to USB power source to keep your phone (or GoPro) full of juice.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, unintimidating two-wheeler that’ll take to the trails and tackle town traffic with equal vigour, the Sur-Ron’s well worth a look. There’s no ignoring the £4495 price tag, but if you’re commuting in one of the big cities, it’s probably going to be much cheaper than an annual bus/tube pass. I know where I’d sooner be; in the saddle of the Sur-Ron.


Sur-Ron Light Bee

Price: £4495
Motor: Permanent magnet synchronous motor
Rated power/Peak power: 3000W/6000W Rated torque/Peak torque: 10.2Nm/39NM Top Speed: 30mph
Battery: 60V 32A Lithium Battery
Charging time: 2.5-3.5 hours
Max range: 60 miles @ 20mph Suspension: (F) DNM inverted forks
with 203mm of travel and preload and compression adjustment (R) Adjustable DNM shock with TR suspension link system
Brakes: (F) Sur-Ron 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes with 203mm diameter (R) Sur-Ron 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes with 203mm diameter
Tyres: (F) CST 70/100-19 (R) CST 70/100-19 Weight: 70kg
Seat height: 840mm-880mm
Wheel base: 1260mm
Warranty: Battery – 18 months (or 20,000 miles)/Other components: 12 months (subject to servicing)



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