Looking after your Surron

Keep up your servicing up to date

One of the most important things you can do to look after your Surron is keep your servicing up to date. Keeping your Surron serviced with your local dealer not only ensures your Surron is kept in good working condition but also keeps your bike within the warranty conditions. Should you ever need to use your warranty it will only be honoured if your have kept to your servicing intervals.

Keep your bike maintained, clean and lube your chain.

As well as your servicing, completed by your dealer, it is important for you to keep some aspects of your Surron maintained yourself. Firstly, all chain drives need to be kept lubricated to preserve the life and performance of your chain. It is particularly important to pay attention to your tyres, they should be regularly checked for any damage, bulging of the rubber and to make sure they are the correct pressure. Finally, it is always good to make sure you wash and clean your bike periodically. This will keep salt water and any other harsh compounds from causing any damage or corrosion as well as making sure there is no gravel etc in places such as your primary drive. Like all bikes, the Surron is weatherproof, however, when washing or cleaning your Surron DO NOT use a pressure washer or any high-pressure cleaning systems, as these can damage electrical connections and force water past important seals.

Keep Battery Charged

The power plant of your Surron is the 60v battery mounted in the frame. It is important that this battery is kept charged in between uses, and even more important that the battery is kept from running completely flat. The instruments on your Surron will give you a constant reading of your battery charge level, as well as being able to press the button next to the battery’s LCD screen. Please ensure you keep your Surron battery charged, running it completely flat could cause irreparable damage.

Upgrade for purpose

One of the best things you can do for your Surron, to keep it performing to its potential, is to purchase and fit some upgrades that suit that type of riding you do. For instance, if you spend a lot of time riding off-road and use your Surron on very rough ground, you should consider upgrading your motor protection cover to our Pro or Extended guard to provide extra protection to the motor and the under side of your chassis. For on-road riders who want he most out of their Surron, consider upgrading to the SM wheel kit, or perhaps the Magura brake systems to help you get extra performance from your Surron.

Use website for manuals, warranty conditions and service intervals.

Don’t forget our website is full of support for dealers and riders alike, simply go to our Specifications tab, click on downloads and then click on ‘Technical & Manuals’. This list of downloadable PDFs can provide you with everything from your servicing intervals, warranty details and wiring diagrams should you need them.

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