10 'Must-do' Upgrades for your Sur-Ron


SM Wheel Kit

The SM Wheel kit gives your Surron the classic Supermoto look but more importantly changes the wheel size and matching road tyres for increased on road performance. The kit comes complete with discs and a smaller rear sprocket suited to road riding on road tyres. Simply swap out your standard and SM wheels depending on the surfaces you’re riding on.

Sump Guard Pro & Extended

A must have upgrade when off-roading, the Surron provides twice the strength protection for the motor and the extended guard provides extra cover for the underside chassis and foot peg hangers.

Primary Drive Chain Upgrade

Another worthy upgrade for off-roading is the primary transmission chain upgrade kit. This kit converts the primary drive belt to a chain, eliminating belt slip in heavy mud and sandy riding conditions.

Final Drive Sprockets

A large range of rear sprocket sizes are available to fine tune the acceleration or top speed of your Surron to suit your personal riding style. *Your chain may need links adding or removing to match the differently sized sprockets.


Whether you're riding your Surron on-road or hitting the off-road tracks, upgrading your braking performance with our range of brakes, discs and pads is a must do upgrade to increase your braking powering and reduce stopping distances.


Tail Tidy

Fitting the Surron Tail Tidy will improve the overall look of your bike by providing a ‘cleaner’ looking rear end. It is compatible with both the on and off-road Surron range and uses your original rear light and indicators. *Its suggested to use an enduro or small style number plate due to the ground clearance.

Rear Hugger

A great addition along with the tail tidy is the Surron rear hugger. Easily fitted, this rear hugger looks great but also stops mud, sand and gravel from spraying up onto the rear of the motor and the battery compartment.


If you’re looking to transform the look of your Surron, then our decal kits are the way to go. These comprehensive kits cover the chassis, battery, handlebars and enduro wheels. Fitting both the on-road and off-road bikes, our decals are a sure-fire way to stand out from the crowd.


With a range of colours available, you can change up your grips to match any colour schemes you want for your Surron. The FIR grips also provide better traction and durability and are a direct replacement for the standard fitted grips.


With a choice of Renthal HG-100 or Polisport Evolution handguards, these will give your Surron a classic Motocross/Supermoto look. With several colours available, these handguards match great when used with grips and decals to create a unique look for your Surron.

Sur-Ron Must Do Upgrades

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